Celebrating the fifth anniversary with an outdoor exhibition

Tartu has been part of the UNESCO City of Literature network for five years!

Since receiving the title in 2015, Tartu has emphasized the literary interests of children and young people. It has been one of the objectives of Tartu in its nomination to gain the title of UNESCO City of Literature.

From November 2019 to December 2020, more or less well-known people have shared their reading experience once a month and suggested the book to others. The exhibition displays a collection of all the recommendations and also acts as a gift. I was commissioned to design the summary outdoor exhibition.


People-centred as the creative concept

Inspired by the idea of a people-centred event, the creative concept is photography as the key visual element. It also provides an opportunity to showcase all the talented people.

The logomark is used as a container element to tie the solution together with the brand's visual language. The solution creates a concrete layout, much like a classic book itself has.


Fruitful exhibition!

The exhibition used QR codes to link back to the website for more detailed information about the recommendations.

The results were fantastic: +300% increase in visitors compared to the previous month and also a yearly record!


The client said that …

"We are very pleased with your work! The aim of the exhibition was to enrich the urban space with literature, celebrate the fifth anniversary, and to draw more attention to the recommendation initiative – all goals were achieved. We hope to work together again soon!"

Kristiina Aavik
Tartu City Government
Head of Culture Service

Me & Them

Role: Design Lead

Photography: Mikko Leo Selg

© Jakob Päll 2021