Custom signage system for 4400+ visitors in a sports hall

sTARTUp Day is the biggest community-driven business festival in the Baltics. In 2020, it took place for the fourth time, bringing together over 150 world-class speakers, 700 startup representatives, 160 investors, and 4400 attendees from 60 different countries.

For the second time, the festival took place in the University of Tartu Academic Sports Hall. The 4400 visitors wandering around the area required a well-thought-out signage system.


How to design a concise signage system that does not lack character?

Essentially, the project included all the name signs for the companies presented at the demo area, general wayfinding for the venue, decorative signs to set the mood, and the time schedules for digital screens.

Although having experience from the year before, the goal was to take the system up a notch by making it more user-friendly. Also, to make the visuals more mature and match them with the overall identity and other applications.


Matching digital and physical visual language

Last year, yellow was the leading colour on all of the signs. This time, black was used as the background colour to increase legibility. To spice things up, icons like lightning bolts, rockets, and unicorns were added. It is a startup-minded festival after all! Exceptionally, the decorative signs – placed in a quiet working zone – were sunny yellow to cheer up the hard-working entrepreneurs.


Nobody got lost!

The huge venue required a well-thought-out signage system. Kudos to the team of sTARTUp Day who made the process easier by creating a very detailed table with all the necessary details and peculiarities.

As a result, a bunch of signs ranging from 47x20 to 300x100 centimetres were designed and used. And as far as we are aware, no one ended up in a storage room …


Me & Them

Agency: Homne Agentuur
Role: Design Lead
Together with: Mikko Leo Selg

Photography: Kiur Kaasik

© Jakob Päll 2021